A franchise leadership team that delivers

The Unishippers franchise community is a passionate one – and that includes our franchise leadership team, who are committed to delivering the support you need for your growing franchise. We’ll give you a toolkit for success from the sales leaders who’ve built the business. Meet our leadership team below.


Dustin Wesley

SVP of Franchise Development

Leah Parker Photo

Leah Parker

Senior Director of Training and Support

Bart Hodge Photo

Bart Hodge

National Sales Director

Saebra Waddill Photo

Saebra Waddill

Director of Franchise Development and Compliance

Jaclyn Becker Photo

Jaclyn Becker

National Franchise Sales Manager

Kelli DeFazio Photo

Kelli DeFazio

National Franchise Sales Manager

Chris Mader Photo

Chris Mader

Manager of Franchise Development

Allison Prange Photo

Allison Prange

Franchise Training Manager