Get Top Logistics Training + Support

As a Unishippers Franchise Owner, you have the independence to grow your business the way you want. But that doesn’t mean you’re alone in your venture. We provide in-depth sales training, support and development opportunities to help your franchise flourish — in the short and long term.

The Sales and Logistics Support You Need

At Unishippers, we help logistics franchise owners do what they do best by providing them with a full suite of support solutions that helps them focus on building their business and finding customers. Our support services include:

  • Customer success experts that support you and your customers.
  • Services to outsource administrative tasks so you can concentrate on sales.
  • Experts that join sales calls, help with lead generation, assist in training customers and much more.
  • Corporate leadership team that knows the business and keeps you up to date on trends.
  • Guidance in getting your business up and running quickly.
  • Marketing support and resources to enable your sales efforts
  • Recruiting programs available to help facilitate business growth.
  • Health insurance programs and bookkeeping services available through third-party vendors.
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What Our Logistics Franchise Owners Say

"We all face challenging situations with customers at some point, and how we handle ourselves in that moment is what sets us apart. I can’t say enough about my service specialist’s ability to turn a bad situation into a smile. Her ability to inject personality and authenticity into her communications with shippers is truly awesome."

— Corey, Franchisee

"The customer service team has been doing a great job supporting our franchise and being proactive with issues. We had a nightmare of a shipment that was delayed and misrouted. The service specialist did a great job working with the carrier, following up with our customer with proactive updates and getting it delivered to our customer."

— Jared, Franchisee

"Without my service specialist I am not sure what our cash flow would look like. She’s worked with some of our customers to get them to catch up on their behind payments. We’re super fortunate we have her watching our book and receivables."

— Spencer, Franchisee

"My service specialist's excellent communication and updates on the customer’s issues were extremely helpful in allowing me to manage my customer's expectations. The result contributes to the retention of my small package and LTL revenue."

— Josh, Franchisee

"My service specialist consistently goes above and beyond in supporting our business. We have a customer that has the potential to be a large account and our service specialist found a solution to their unique shipping need. We’re beginning to see more consistent volume, and if not for the great work she provided we'd have no chance at winning the larger, more consistent business."

— John, Franchisee


Fun Fact

83% of new franchisee respondents (less than two years) ranked our training and support programs as good to excellent.*

The Sales and Logistics Training You Need

At Unishippers we provide everything you need to grow your franchise logistics business. Here’s a look:

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New Owner Training

  • New franchise owner training assists you in getting your business up to speed fast.
  • Training assists franchise owners with onboarding new sales staff for their franchise, allowing them to focus on the rest of their business.
  • Coaching in business basics, marketing, technology and other areas will continue to help you grow your franchise.
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Sales Training

  • Basic Sales Training provides a two-week program for sales executives who are new to the industry or the Unishippers sales model.
  • Level II Sales Training is designed for tenured reps and helps them continue to optimize their skills and knowledge.
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Continued Training

  • Sales conferences and national monthly sales calls keep you connected with peers.
  • Training guides, documents and videos are there whenever you need them — 24/7.

Onboarding Your Logistics Franchise

Unishippers makes sure you are ready to grow — quickly. That includes dedicated onboarding services that allow you to start building your business immediately. We give logistics franchise owners:

  • Guidance on business setup requirements including creation of a business entity, bank accounts, and other details.
  • One-on-one sales coaching with an experienced sales professional and assistance in developing a winning long-term business strategy
  • Training to help with product knowledge, lead generation, customer meetings and closing the deal.
  • Business cards, promo items, sales materials and more to help promote yourself.
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Learn More About Unishippers Franchise Opportunities

Take advantage of this fast-growing logistics franchise opportunity and turn your sales experience into the career you have always dreamt about. Learn more about our training and support opportunities.

1 IBISWorld (2021). Third-Party Logistics in the US: Market Size 2003–2027.
* Based on 74 respondents in the 2023 Franchise Business Review Survey