8 Industries That Rely on Logistics

If there's one thing that's always in demand, it's logistics services. Moving products smoothly and securely from one location to another, however, demands more effort and expertise than many businesses can handle.

For these reasons, companies often turn to a third-party logistics (3PL) partner for shipping support. In fact, about 4 out of every 5 companies now outsource their shipping logistics.1 The opportunities are nearly endless, which makes owning a 3PL franchise like Unishippers a very intriguing business proposition.

What kinds of industries rely on logistics?

While just about every small to mid-sized business (SMB) needs logistical support at times, some industries are especially reliant on 3PLs for optimal performance and profitability, including:

  • Car dealerships. These businesses often send and receive large, bulky shipments of cars and auto parts, which necessitates a large degree of logistical expertise and assistance.
  • Retail clothing stores. This is a high-volume industry, requiring fast and reliable shipping services to keep shelves stocked, margins up and shareholders smiling.
  • Medical and healthcare. Hospitals, urgent care clinics, pharmacies and other healthcare-related businesses often need products and supplies delivered quickly and in perfect condition. This means temperature-controlled shipping and expedited services.
  • Office equipment. From the smallest stapler to the largest cabinet, offices are filled with products of myriad shapes and sizes. Many businesses are overwhelmed by the logistical challenges of managing so many types of products and rely on 3PLs.
  • Technology and electronics. High-end TVs, monitors, computers and phones have high price tags to match. Sellers of these fragile and expensive electronics often need 3PL expertise for swift and safe deliveries.
  • Home furnishings. Varied in size and weight and often costly,  home furnishings businesses need the special packing and handling expertise a 3PL brings to the table (pun intended).
  • Manufacturing. These firms are experts in their field, but often have very specific shipping challenges. They frequently call upon 3PLs for reliable delivery rates to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Construction. There's one thing cement, lumber, tools and other construction materials have in common: they're heavy! A shipping expert is often called in to help manage these unwieldy and difficult-to-move items.

What services can you offer to these industries?

Knowing some of the most logistics-dependent business types is only part of the equation. Leveraging a comprehensive shipping services offering to address specific shipper needs is just as essential.

As a Unishippers franchisee, you can provide the following suite of services to SMBs:

  • Parcel shipping. Unishippers is proud to be part of the nation's largest non-retail UPS® Authorized Reseller. As such, we can offer top rates and a wide breadth of parcel services to suit most timeframes and budgets. This includes speedy, reliable and affordable business-to-consumer options for e-commerce shippers.
  • Freight shipping. Franchisees can leverage our carefully vetted network of 75+ less-than-truckload (LTL) and 85,000+ full truckload (FTL) freight carriers.
  • Specialty shipping. When extra care and attention is called for, Unishippers offers expedited, HAZMAT, white glove and other services for non-standard shipments.
  • International shipping. If shipments need to cross oceans or borders, we provide a complete suite of options for successful international shipments.

Why choose Unishippers?

Unlimited earning potential and the ability to attract customers from a wide range of 3PL-dependent industries? That's the Unishippers franchise opportunity!

Unishippers and its business strategy boast a 30-year track record of growth for our franchisees and customers. Our more than 200 franchisees help 125,000+ SMBs ship over 48 million shipments every year. And as part of the WWEX Group, which also includes Worldwide Express and GlobalTranz, our logistics offerings and opportunities are bigger and brighter than ever.

Learn more about why Unishippers franchise ownership should be your next career move!


1 Infosys and Dr. C. John Langley (2019). 23rd Annual Third-Party Logistics Study: The State of Logistics Outsourcing.

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