Unishippers Franchise Spotlight: Rachel Loughry

From working in the service industry to becoming a sales representative and finally owning her own Unishippers franchise, Rachel Loughry's career has been anything but linear. However, her love of the logistics industry and her passion for helping companies thrive has never swayed, and today she is a successful logistics business owner and Unishippers franchisee.

Read our Q&A with Loughry and find out what she loves about Unishippers and what she would tell anyone who is considering logistics franchise ownership.

How did you get involved with Unishippers?

I had just graduated college, and I was working in the service industry. Like everybody else, I felt like a fish out of water and was just trying to figure out the next step in this game called life. I remember I was interviewing with an insurance company and studying for my insurance exam when I was contacted by a sales recruiter for a Unishippers outside sales position. He just kept telling me that I was answering all the right questions and that I was matching up to be the perfect fit for the role that they were offering. Well, fast forward and I had my first Unishippers interview in Columbus, Ohio, and I got the job. I started working as a sales rep and I doubled my compensation for three years in a row.

How did you make the transition from outside sales to franchising?

I was a Platinum sales rep for six years and was always finishing in the top six in the country. I loved what I was doing, and it didn't feel like work to me. But I also had the "grass is greener" syndrome. So, my curiosity led me to a local human resources and payroll tax company, where I spent two years working as a payroll agent. I learned that I missed the flexibility of being able to work on my own. But being in that corporate career was like a sales bootcamp and for me it really fixed a lot of my old bad habits that I didn't realize I had. It gave me the opportunity to sharpen my skills as a sales professional, which would then lead to the next opportunity with my Unishippers franchise.

What made you decide to try franchise ownership?

My husband and I always talked about owning a business, and when I left the logistics industry, I had that time to realize that there's something in my blood that made me a logistics consultant. So, when the opportunity to become a Unishippers franchisee presented itself, I jumped at it. My husband had a corporate job and was able to have that steady paycheck while I got up and running. From there it was turnkey for me and there wasn't really a learning curve. I already had proven success. I knew that I could do it again, but I would work even harder because it was my own business and not making money for somebody else.

What do you enjoy the most about owning a Unishippers franchise?

For me, it's the work-life balance. My husband and I both get to work from home and luckily, we get along and he is my best friend. It just feels really nice to not have a commute anymore. In the past, having that corporate experience and a territory that was an hour away every day, I really got used to not being at home when I should have been having dinner with my husband and kids. I like to work out in the morning, so I have a set routine and nobody's telling me I have to be at work at this certain time and end at a certain time. It gives me a chance to be present with my family and also take care of myself. I can work at my own pace, and I know what I have to do to get my goals completed.

What would you say to somebody who is considering a logistics franchise but maybe is worried about opening their own business?

I feel like I'm really bringing value to the customer and really connecting with other business owners. I think that gets me in the door a lot of times versus just calling and being a commission-hungry salesperson on the phone. I think they know that I'm passionate about what I do, but I'm also interested in helping them and having a long-term relationship with them as we grow their business. So, I would say if you are looking for an opportunity and you are self-motivated and a hard worker and you want to believe in your product and service offerings, then Unishippers could be a game changer for you.

Can you tell me about your relationship with your colleagues at Unishippers?

It feels like a family experience when you're here. Even when you don't see or talk to somebody throughout the year, and you see them again at a sales conference, everybody always just connects again and picks up where they left off.

What about the culture at Unishippers?

At Unishippers, we stay connected through our phone calls and being able to see the weekly sales reports and see who's ranking. It's kind of an internal competition. Just being able to support each other and watch what people are doing and listen to other people's business models is important. Everybody is set up so differently regarding how they run their day-to-day operations and businesses. I think it's just great to have that feedback and insight into what people are doing, what people tried and didn't work — and just learning from people's wisdom. Obviously, you have the legacy people that have been here for years, and they have a lot of wisdom. They've seen a lot of things and it's really exciting where we're going and being able to experience that with faces that we've seen for 15+ years now.

What would you say is the real benefit for people considering a Unishippers franchise?

If you are considering a logistics franchise, where you want the flexibility, products, pricing, training and relationships all set up for you — but you want to customize your own solutions and run your business the way you want to run it — then this is an amazing opportunity. I went to school for sales and marketing, and I had no idea what I wanted to do. But the fact that you can see returns on what you do on a daily basis and see that in the form of a paycheck, it's just really exciting.

Anything else you want to tell potential franchise owners?

I think this opportunity was something that I never would have expected — particularly with my story of starting as a sales rep and then leaving the industry and then coming back to logistics. It's been a great opportunity for both my short- and long-term success. It's great to feel rewarded for the work you put in and then knowing what you do really helps the companies you work with.

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